Strong and Kind

I have always loved Duck Dynasty and their Christian morals!. This is a great read for anyone. For me I love how this  book talked about Character traits, and how to instill them in our children.  Korie Robertson is straight forward on her beliefs and parenting her children.

By training up our children we are showing them to be strong and Kind when they grow up.


Raising Grateful Kids

Raising children can be such a joyous time but as I look back so far I can admit I am not a perfect mom.  I have yelled, cried, thrown my hands up in the air because I just didn’t know where to turn.  But I do know that trusting in God to get me through those tough times and also the strength of my husband got me through.

This book kicked me in the shins a few times, as I have to admit I didn’t know what gratitude even looked like in my home with two special needs boys. Plus I have another son from a previous marriage.

The author is very open with her own journey of raising kids and making mistakes just like us.

I was so honored to be a part of the launch team for this book!



blog hopWhat does gratitude look like in your house? Is it where you show grace to each other and train up your children and learn from your mistakes or is it that the children feel they are entitled to everything be given to them.

Gratitude in our house looks like this: We are grateful for the blessings that we receive, but it goes beyond that. This Christmas Cameron and I and his aide baked cookies and with that we showed Cameron that to show grace and thankfulness is by giving to others. So when the cookies were baked, he took some over to our local Fire Dept and also our friends business. He did that because at times we get so busy we forget about what others have done for us and what they are doing in their own lives even if it is a job.

Technology is one that is a struggle in our house whether its being on the computer or video games that we forget what is what like when there was no technology. My children feel they are entitled at any time to just get on and play their favorite video game Madden they don’t care sometimes that as a mother a no is a no. Just like chores why is it a struggle to take the trash out or just do the simple chores. Those are things that need to change in our household as we are raising our kids.

I am on the launch team for the book Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitlement World by Kristen Welch and let me just say it is a must read this book not only convicted me but also kicked me in the shins a few times. With us raising two special needs children that have Autism, we aren’t raising them to be spoiled brats but to raise them to know they aren’t entitled to everything . They know that with technology comes along temptations and honestly I was one of those parents back in the day that didn’t monitor what my son was doing on the internet, I thought there is no way he is going to go to a site he isn’t supposed to. Well I was wrong!!!

In the book Kristen mentions about doing a family mission statement. Do you have one in your own home, or what would it look like if you did have one?  This is one goal in the new year that I want to establish in our home. like “I’m excited to be hosting a blog hop all about gratitude, inspired by Raising Grateful Kids…”).



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The Gentle Art of Discipling Women


When you look at this title what do think? Well to me I knew what it mean to disciple women. When you disciple someone whether it is a believer or a non believer what do you do. Well in this book the author shows how to Be a disciple and make a disciple.

Being a disciple goes along with foundational truths which goes along the line of strengthening our confidence and making a disciple shows us how to have a nurturing discipleship relationship.

The author Dana Yeakley  provides for us in the book a framework for discipleship and by the end we as women will be on our way to being  a stronger women in discipleship.


I can’t believe in a few days it will be a new year! This year has gone by so fast.  Some highlights of our year was going to the beach with my mom, directing another year of Vacation Bible School, Caleb starting Kindergarten, Brandon in college, Chris getting a new job, and Cameron getting a new aide for school.

Also with this year especially these last few months have been the hardest on our family.  With the boys Autism they cycle with their moods, so for my husband and I we wake up each day not knowing which child’s moods will set off the worst.  We cherish the days the boys hug us and tell us they love us.

This time of year I also reflect on my own life, the other night Chris and I watched War Room and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  I don’t pray as often as I should and I just know in the new year that is exactly what I am going to do, get on my knees and fight my battles in prayer.   Happy New Year!

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Bathsheba Bathed in Grace

I recently reviewed this book for a publisher what a great read it was. The author Carol Cook has you in this book that you can imagine what she was like in the Bible.

She not only addresses Bathsheba in this book but other women in the Bible, and you get to see what they may be feeling insecurities, their faith, trust.


When you are at a loss for words, open this book and pray on your knees.  This book tugs at the heart when you are at a loss for words and need to seek Christ!

When you feel like you want to abandon your prayer life, seek his guidance and assurance.