Reflecting on the year!

new year

2017 was a year for us!  It started out with us being at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh where we received the diagnosis for Caleb that he had Epilepsy, we wondered what that would look like for our family, what changes we would need to make.   But throughout all this we leaned on the Lord for HIS strength to get us through this and He has!  Also this year we felt called to go back to our very first Church home Altoona First Grace Brethren and we are so glad we did, we still miss our other church family, but this church is home to us.

We had a calling for the ministry 6 years ago and are excited to see where the Lord leads us, right now Chris is the Associate Pastor at our church(Pastor John’s assistant) and it is so good to see what he loves doing, preaching when needed to, leading the music, youth group!

Also as this year comes to an end, I feel so blessed to have my family and church family in our lives, especially with the boys!   We are looking forward to what 2018 has for our family! Happy New Year!!!



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