Christmas Memories


This week I have been thinking about Christmas Memories and what it meant to me growing up.  I can only remember a few gifts I got growing up but what I remember more are the Christmas traditions we had.

Christmas  Eve growing up we used to go around to the Uncles and Aunts houses and gather as a family and I always looked forward to going to each house and eating food.  We would always end up at my grandparent’s house last after everyone had gone to church, but growing up Catholic we usually didn’t stay long because as we got older we went to Midnight mass! I loved to just being with my family especially at that time of year.

Christmas Day we would get up early and open gifts and then go to my grandparent’s house for dinner followed by sometimes visiting the Uncles and Aunts which was always so nice to do.

Then I always looked forward to after Christmas because we would go to my Aunt Susie’s house where we celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. We would play games, eat lots of food and open gifts.

What Christmas Memories do you have?







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